Feb 12, 2020

How to choose a payment gateway for integration with your app

Almost all modern apps have integrated payment gateways. They allow us to buy new opportunities in games, make purchases online, book hotels and tickets, social media, etc. Such services need payment gateways that will process transactions.

You need choosing the best and most flexible payment system option for your app. The convenience of customers when making a payment, the size of the commission, the speed of receiving money, and how often your technical specialists will have to deal with support will depend on how good a choice is.

What is a payment gateway?

In simple, Payment Gateway is a service that processes electronic transactions. It is an online analog of the terminal and serves to authorize payments. In fact, a payment gateway is a software application that provides a secure exchange of confidential information. 

The payment gateway takes care of the authorization of the payment and makes sure the entered data is sufficient to complete the payment. The gateway protects credit card information by encrypting all the confidential information that it stores. This process ensures personal data is securely transferred between the buyer and seller.

If you are in doubt whether a payment gateway is needed for your application, we will give you a great example. In 2019, the mobile traffic of the popular Shopify trading platform accounted for 79% of traffic and 69% of all orders. Users are happy to install and use mobile apps because they provide an all-in-one experience here and now, no matter where you are.

The most popular payment systems

An Internet user visits your mobile resource, selects the desired product, puts it in the basket, and enters the data necessary to arrange delivery and payment. A few seconds elapse between these actions and receiving payment confirmation. But behind such ease process lies much work. Before the payment, safe and sound reaches the seller’s account, magic will happen. Indeed, with the help of a certain API, payment will go through the bank from the buyer to the seller. Let’s look at popular solutions for integrating credit card payments.


Stripe is a fast-growing fintech start-up based in San Francisco. The service is quite popular and already present in 25 countries. Stripe supporting more than 100 currencies, for example, it accepts Bitcoin without problems. It differs from other payment systems that allow you to make payments on the Internet with an aggressive policy. Stripe is a clear competitor to PayРal and quickly appears where it is not.

It supports Apple and Android Pay regular billing and can integrate payments on social networks. For each successful user transition, Stripe charges 2.9%. By the way, Twitter and Facebook use this payment gateway.


Braintree is an e-commerce startup provides secure payments, as well as the protection of personal data of its customers. Security is carried out in such a way that all personal data of buyers are sent immediately to the Braintree database and are unstored on merchants’ servers.

Braintree’s rate is 2.9% + 30 cents per each successful transmission (when the first $50,000 has been processed). Braintree currently processes payments for merchants in more than 30 countries and 130 currencies.

Among Braintree’s clients, there are many serious companies, such as OpenTable, which is engaged in the reservation of restaurant tables in the US, 37Signals — project management, JBL — sale of speaker systems and others.

Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout e-wallet is a great solution for online business. This service allows you to make purchases from any device: smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. You can use debit or credit cards for online payments. To purchase, you will not need to enter card data each time, which simplifies the payment process.

Now Visa Checkout cooperates with more than 1,600 financial institutions and more than 350,000 large and small retail and service enterprises in 27 countries of the world. Among the customers of the service are such world giants as Emirates Airline, FIFA, Marriott, Starbucks, etc.


Authorize.net is one of the most reliable payment gateway solutions in the US and Canada. The gateway provides built-in fraud detection, information management, regular billing and PCI DSS compliance tokenization technologies for your mobile application.

Services provided by Authorized.net are more expensive than other payment gateways. The monthly payment is $25, and you will be charged 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction.


Another startup that does not require external terminals or other accessories for working with credit and debit cards. Dwolla is a service that has won over with its innovation and convenience. It works without intermediaries, ATMs, plastic cards, other payment systems, making transfers based on the P2P platform. The company allows conduct transactions on the network instantly and at a price of 25 cents per transaction, or free of charge with a transaction amount of less than $10.

Unique payment gateway PayPal

Now PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateways in the US. Therefore, we’ll talk about it in more detail and analyze its features for business applications. 

PayPal is a financial services provider that enables free money transfers and online purchases. The eBay subsidiary, PayPal, is almost always on the list of online payment options. The head office is based in the USA. The company is not a bank but has a license for financial activities in America. Why is it so unique and popular:

  1. A huge number of opportunities. Using this system, you can pay for purchases in almost all online stores, receive payments for services or goods provided using the payment buttons, send payment requests, transfer money to close friends or relatives, and also withdraw funds to a bank account. This system allows you to perform operations in twenty-six world currencies.
  2. PayPal is easy to use. To pay for purchases on the Internet, you only need the email address and password of the user. This allows you to log into your PayPal account and verify your payment details.
  3. Transactions are carried out very quickly. After the user makes the payment, PayPal immediately informs the seller and transfers money to him. And the seller can immediately send the order.
  4. PayPal doesn’t transmit any information about bank accounts or credit cards to the recipient. The seller doesn’t need this data, because payment will appear in his PayPal account in the same way, and from there it can already be transferred to a bank account.
  5. You can also use your PayPal account to send funds to anyone. All that is needed is the recipient’s email address. He must also be registered with PayPal to receive money.

PayPal Security

For the most part, PayPal is safe to send money. There is no service that is 100% protected from hacking or bugs. But PayPal is a reputable company with high security and consumer protection. Therefore, its use is quite safe.

To protect your information PayPal uses powerful data encryption systems based on SSL technologies. In addition, when sending funds via PayPal, the recipient will not be transferred bank card information. Therefore, users of your application can be sure of data security and that payment will be successful. Using PayPal as an alternative payment method will help sellers to increase customer confidence and the number of goods sold.

Using PayPal can be even safer than specifying a credit card number or bank account information directly on websites and apps. PayPal is one service in which information is stored, not many services and stores in which the user leaves his data.

Integration into apps

Why does your app need a payment gateway integration? Users need complete freedom and choice at every stage of the purchase. If you accept payment via PayPal, this may attract additional customers, including new customers from different countries in which the service is offered.

Buyers can be sure that when making purchases in your application, they will not have to disclose their financial information. As a merchant, you can trust technologies that make payment processing even safer.

PayPal Support

PayPal is definitely a winner among other APIs for the quality of user support. The payment gateway offers many ways to find support and resolve issues that arose during work:

  • Help Center;
  • Forum;
  • FAQs
  • Email support;
  • Developer Center: documentation from PayPal;
  • Telephone support;
  • Large technical support community.

Wrapping Up

The listed payment systems are the most popular, but in general, there are a lot of services in this kind on a market. So which payment system to choose for integration into the app? We recommend you first evaluate the application market and identify your target users. This knowledge will help you choose the best payment gateway that can provide the best flexibility and positive user experience.